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The mere suggestion of karaoke holds the power to get hearts pounding — whether that's out of excitement or pure, blind panic. Whether you want to belt out Lady Gaga under neon lights to a crowd of stunned strangers, or moodily croon a lesser-known indie hit with your closest confidants, there's an NYC karaoke bar to cover that.

Scroll ahead to see our hit list and find your sweet spot for letting your musical freak flags fly.

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As we kiss long weekends goodbye until Thanksgiving, you may find yourself wanting to save some coins while also. And if that's true, then Gagopa is the temporal lobe: where all the action happens. You have two floors of private rooms for up to a dozen guests, cheesy posters of Taylor Swift flickering under strobe lights, an option to BYOB or purchase wine and Sake onsite, and a staff that has seen and heard it all.

It can get kind of… sloppy, to be polite, as they're open until 4am. Your prize will be several very annoyed Gagopa employees, literally pushing you out the door.

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It's since turned into a hipsterific haven for those looking to blow off steam -- or perhaps live out their failed dreams of Broadway superstardom -- while downing a few cocktails in-between. The vibe is super-welcoming, and even in a bar full of regular ringers, only the most bashful performers will be spooked from the stage and the always attentive crowd. Don't worry -- everyone gets high-fives afterwards. Song You Should Definitely Sing There: Try "Purple Rain" by Prince to break up the standard golden oldies, and inspire a true, soulful singalong -- just what this place does best.

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Brooklyn Heights Best For: People who truly believe in dive bar singalongs Let's get one thing straight, Montero's is a nice bar, but it's not a nice bar. It's nearly a century old, the drinks are cheap as chum, and the whole nautical theme they have going on isn't just to be cute: at one point, it was an actual longshoreman's hangout. Now, on Fridays and Saturdays, it hosts a raucous karaoke night, featuring two available booklets: one stained, water-logged volume of traditional karaoke hits, and one stained, water-logged volume of Broadway showtunes.


Pick the hits, buy a shot and a beer, and prepare to face swaths of bleary-eyed, raspy voiced patrons on the communal "stage. Take advantage. If you want, I mean. Lower East Side Best For: People who think Karaoke is hokey and also might wear studded belts on occasion Signing live band karaoke like, with a live, actual band at Arlene's Grocery is a true, NYC "bucket list" experience, and the closest us average Joes can get to living the bona-fide rockstar life -- without having to try to bone Richie Sambora.

Be warned: it will bring in some legitimate talent. Basically, if you want to sing with the band, you should probably be good. I'm not saying this to discourage you, I just want you to know the stakes are high. If you have to ask, you probably shouldn't go near this one. Chinatown Best For: People looking to get weird.

Drop the Mic At These 7 Karaoke Bars Around NYC

Once you scale the slightly sketchy looking staircase and emerge on the other side of the Hello Kitty-covered door, you'll know you've stumbled upon a slice of weirdo NYC heaven. There's an equal selection of tried-and-true Western anthems, and truly prolific Cantonese pop hits.

The vibe is dive-y. The decorations are kooky.

NEMO NYC : The Best Korean Restaurant and Karaoke in NYC

It's… kind of perfect. Broaden your horizons people! Gowanus Best For: People who want a slightly more intimate "Koreatown" experience, preceded by a lovely dinner On the outside, Insa is simply a Korean BBQ restaurant with nary a sign of karaoke hijinks in sight.

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They are smaller than the ones you'd find in Koreatown proper putting 10 people into one will make you feel like a pack of clowns inside a Volkswagen Beetle , but you are getting the same vibe. Plus, they have Scorpion Bowls. Just make sure you share.

It's modern. It's smooth. And it's a good match for post-dinner indigestion. Williamsburg Best For: People who don't take themselves too seriously, and also like free pizza On Friday, Saturday, and commonly several other nights a week check their schedule for details this consummate Williamsburg "fun bar" hosts extremely low-stakes rounds of karaoke. Even the worst warblers will find solace, as songs devolve into singalongs that drown out any lack of talent.

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Oh also, there's free pizza. It's a win-win. I'd suggest "Return of the Mack" by Mark Morrison, because. Astoria Best For: People who want a sleeker, more modern venue….