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The call quality leaves a good impression. Voices are very clear on both sides of the call and there is no annoying static. The position of the speaker at the back is not always perfect when you want to use the hands-free feature, but the performance is reasonable. Our voice was a bit too quiet and background noises could have been better suppressed.

Overall, a good performance. At the front is a 5 MP sensor, which takes images at up to x pixels. In addition to the push button on the touchscreen, you can trigger the camera with the volume rocker or voice control. Under good lighting conditions the quality of the pictures are decent and the front camera is adequate for selfies. You can even create group selfies. There is no flash, so you will quickly see picture noise in low-light situations.

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The larger pixels can absorb more light, which should create better results, particularly in low-light conditions. The full resolution of 16 MP is only available for pictures x pixels , while shots can be taken at 12 MP x pixels. There are several picture modes you can choose from, including automatic, panorama, continuous shooting, HDR and a pro mode, and you can also download more modes.

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The pro mode includes settings for the exposure, the ISO value to and the white balance. Pictures are taken quickly and there is just a small delay before you can take the next shot.

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This does not change in the professional mode. The picture quality is very good. The high resolution pays off as well, because the pictures are sharp and you can see many details.

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This is particularly noticeable in the vegetation, where you can differentiate the individual leaves and branches. The sharpness is also impressive in low-light conditions scene 3. There is a surprisingly low amount of picture noise, but the colors are slightly pale. The main camera can record videos in Full HD x pixels, 29 fps , but the standard app does not include options for slow-motions or time lapses. The quality of the videos is rather disappointing compared to the pictures. The results are okay when the lighting is sufficient, and the sensor can also handle fast movements very well, but there is a significant loss of details in darker environments.

The picture noise is not the main problem, but the contents look quite blurry. The flash can also be used as a camera light and brightens up the scene nicely, but once again, you can see a decrease in sharpness. Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. One click changes the position on touchscreens. One click on the zoomed-in image opens the original in a new window. The first image shows the scaled photograph of the test device. Besides the usual sample pictures, we also checked the color accuracy and the sharpness under controlled test conditions. The pictures were taken in the automatic mode and the picture was neither edited nor was there a manual white balance afterwards.

We included the original colors at the bottom of every patch. You can see that the colors of the Galaxy S5 Neo are slightly paler, but in general, the deviations are quite low. We evaluate the sharpness with a picture of our test chart. The sharpness is just slightly reduced towards the sides of the entire chart. The nicely designed box contains only the usual accessories: Power adaptor, USB cable, headset as well as a quick-start guide and warranty information.

The warranty period for the smartphone is 24 months, but the battery and the accessories are covered for only 6 months. The capacitive touchscreen of the Galaxy S5 Neo provides very good gliding capabilities and our inputs were always executed correctly. There can be small stutters during the handling from time to time, but this is also a result of the performance see further below and the UI.

It offers an additional row for numbers above the letters and supports all the common features like auto-correct, word predictions or swipe inputs. However, the latter must be activated in the settings. This results in a pixel density of almost PPI in combination with the 5. The subjective picture impression is very good; contents appear very vivid thanks to the rich colors and the high contrast. However, the difference is quite small in the case of the Galaxy S5 Neo, and the luminance with the deactivated brightness sensor is decent. Smartphones with AMOLED panels usually support different color profiles if you are not a big fan of the typically very rich colors.

The professional software CalMAN already determines very good results for the colors and the grayscale in this mode with the factory settings. The target value is smaller than three in both cases, which is achieved by the respective average DeltaE deviations at 2.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

The color temperature is also almost perfect at K ideal: K , only the gamma value is slightly too low at 2. Thanks to the high luminance with the light sensor and the high contrast, you can comfortably see the display content even under sunlight when you can avoid direct reflections. There are no brightness or contrast reductions, even from extreme angles. The performance of the bit SoC should therefore be lower compared to the old Galaxy S5; we will see in a minute how big the difference actually is.

The memory on the other hand has not changed; the SoC is still supported by 2 GB. Subjectively, you can also notice some small stutters from time to time, especially when you switch between apps or launch complex apps. We have already mentioned that this is not only a result of the performance, but also the UI. This situation continues in the graphics benchmarks. The other three comparison devices, however, are at least twice as fast. We performed the browser tests with the preloaded Samsung browser, which is based on Chrome The subjective browsing performance, however, was quite good.

The storage is slightly slower in terms of writing operations, but we cannot really criticize the performance in this section. These are very good results, so there should not be any limitations when you want to expand the storage.

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This is also noticeable when you play games. Both the position sensors and the touchscreen did not cause any problems during our review. Overall, the Galaxy S5 Neo is a very cool device, which does not even warm up inconveniently during prolonged gaming sessions. The tool repeats the T-Rex test thirty times and logs the temperature as well as the performance. We are not looking at a high-end SoC and the temperatures are not critical, either, so we would have at least expected a steady level of performance.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo SM-G903F 16GB

The volume is okay, but you can quickly notice distortions at higher levels. Bass on the other hand is missing, and the Galaxy S5 Neo also has a hard time against smartphones with stereo speakers. Nevertheless, the result is sufficient for the occasional video or music playback. The performance via stereo jack is much better, and is sufficiently loud and free of background noises. The Music app from Samsung also offers an adjustable equalizer via SoundAlive and some presets see pictures. The connection with a Bluetooth speaker Denon Envaya Mini was no problem and there were no annoying dropouts during the playback.

The table with the power consumption is probably rather surprising; the results with light workloads in particular are comparatively high.

However, you should note that we used a new and much more precise measuring device for the Galaxy S5 Neo. The comparisons with the other devices are therefore only an indicator, but direct comparisons are not possible. The maximum consumption is around 6 watts, so the supplied power adaptor is sufficient 7. The determined battery runtimes are very good and the review unit can beat the competitors in almost all scenarios.

The comparatively low power consumption under load is particularly noticeable, because the smartphone manages more than 6. The old Galaxy S5 was tested with the old Wi-Fi test, so the results cannot be compared in this case. You can obviously still use the two power saving modes: The normal mode reduces the performance and limits background processes, while the "Ultra Energy-Saving Mode" uses a black-white home screen and limits the functionality of the smartphone to a handful of apps.

A complete recharge takes about two hours with the supplied power adaptor. A fully recharged battery is indicated by the notification LED green, during the charging orange. Quick Charge is supported by the smartphone; a corresponding power adaptor Samsung EP-TA12 can be purchased optionally. The Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo is "recycling" on a very high level. The previous flagship smartphone has been improved in some respects, but the performance of the SoC is reduced and some features have been removed. Positive aspects of the Galaxy S5 Neo are still the sturdy chassis, the great display, the comprehensive software equipment and the long battery runtimes.

The smartphone is still waterproof, but does not need the annoying covers anymore. Samsung has also improved the cameras — the results are actually quite nice. Only the video options are limited. The Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo is a sophisticated smartphone with good core features. If you are satisfied with the plastic case and you do not need the fastest smartphone, then you cannot go wrong with the S5 Neo. We could not find any serious issues. It is rather unfortunate that the 3D performance in particular is clearly behind the predecessor and that some features were dispensed with.

We would have at least liked to see the fingerprint scanner. Android Smartphone Touchscreen. Working For Notebookcheck.