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I would take any help with fixing this situation because i dont think it was handled properly!!! Planet fitness is just about signing up as many people as possible and not interested in explaining the fees of canceling because that will deter you from joining. Their rules and practices are ridiculous so i will never purchase a membership and will continue to go as a guest with my family and friends.

My recollection of the day I signed up is this: The annual membership was waived for the first year a special that was going on at the time. I was told by the person working at Planet Fitness that I would receive a reminder notice prior to the end of my membership year. I never received that notice.

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I asked for the telephone number for the Corporate offices and was told to go to the website. When I went to the website there is no corporate information. I sent an email which ultimately went to the manager at my local PF. I emailed him back asking for the corporate number and did not get it from him. After I got out of work I called and spoke with this manager and explained that I wanted to talk to someone in the corporate office. He said he couldn't give me that info.

I was outraged. He told me I could call another PF location. How does that help me?????? I told him that if I had a complaint about Walmart I used this as an example in an effort to help this young man understand my frustration I would first contact the store I had the complaint about. If my complaint was not addressed to my satisfaction I would contact WalMart's corporate offices. I certainly wouldn't contact a WalMart in another town.

His continuous response to me was "ahuh, ahuh, ahuh" The two departments I tried gave me yet more recordings one that said I reached the general mailbox and to leave a message which I did, and the other asking me to choose an extension or a persons name. I am one very unhappy, dissatisfied and outraged former customer of Planet Fitness. These complaints are because you don't want to pay the fee.

The contract is definitely clear on the fee. Also, it's a pay and play fee. The annual fee is paid for the year you are about to be a member.

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You might do well to actually read things before you sign them. Even IF they didn't explain everything to you, it's still in the contract you put your name on. No sense in trashing a company because of your irresponsibility as an adult entering a contract with a company. This stupid person called Matt was a right [censored] on the phone, He was no help and had no customer service whatsoever!

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I cancelled my membership over 7months ago but they still took money out of my account, I tried explaining this to him but he advised they only keep 3 months of documents so if I didn't keep my receipt I cannot verify that I cancelled. I am really annoyed that I didn't keep hold of this cancellation document but when you cancel you don't think that they will still charge you! They are happy taking the money but no help in anything else, and that Matt makes me so mad.

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This is somewhat happening to me right now, i wanted to get a membership and when i signed up online it said that it wanted my credit card info which i provided but received and email saying to come into the branch to complete my application and start my membership. I don't understand how this is fair and not only wont they refund my money they wont even restart my account so that i can actually use the gym which i never did and they confirmed i never came in. I don't see how they can get away with charging me every month for something i never once used.

I am never going to planet fitness EVER. When i told the regional manager he said that they provided me with the service i never showed up.

Excuse me but what service were you personally providing for me? He had no answer they act like they are sitting around with a coffee in hand not sleeping til i come in the door!!! I have never had a company tell me that i cant get back the fee that i paid for a service never used.

This place is a hack and i hope they get shut down!!! I will never end this fight i have a voice and it needs to be heard. I joined planet fitness May and the consultant called Themba said my membership will cost R and its a 24months membership, somehow he miscalculated and I end up paying R of which he promised R was going to be refund. I phoned the same consultant who was so mean to me telling me not to make my problem his as he is not working with money issues.

I sent a complain in their website but no1 bothered to contact me.

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I took a day off went there and the financial guy called Brandon said he was going to refund me which never happened, when I phoned my calls were always put on hold, I then went to their manger Shane who promised to sort it out but didn't when I phoned him he started ignoring me as well, then I decided to go there again and to my surprise my tag was not working and the lady at the reception said my membership is cancelled, I want nothing to do with that place all I want is my full amount of R as all they've been doing is mistreat me and lie to me.

Sure it says the first year. That does not neccesarily mean it is a calendar year, most likely their fiscal year begins in June thus would result in their annual charge for the new year. I think planet fitness is brilliant, they obviously draw in the most ic people and get them to sign a contract that they do not thoroughly read. Sounds like dollar signs to me! You cannot call PF HQ to do that; they do not publish a number.

Try getting into the website EVEN after you have put in your reset password So you go to the gym you joined.

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  • Then, you have to drive back or These gyms are the new mafia. You described it well. Do NOT ever join one of these gyms unless you can go cash money. No exceptions. Cash only. If they won't let you join, fine. Never ever give them a credit card number or any other account info. This complaint describes exactly what will happen to you.

    Why do people keep saying they got their first annual fee waived? I've never heard of this promotion, it's usually the startup fee that is waived and the annual fee is prorated from the date you signed up. I'm a Black Card member and have an annual fee just like everyone else but this was explained when I became a member and I also believe I signed the agreement that said I would have to pay an annual fee in June.

    So I see people complaining about this but we are all adults here and it's our responsibility to remember when we have bills that need to be paid and if you're so irresponsible that you don't know when to pay your bills you have no right to complain and some people are talking about overdraft fees are you kidding me?

    Grow up people and know what you sign when you become a member. I did ask questions, read the contract, signed the contract and am very happy with the club. The value is terrific. I work out about 5 x a week; everybody is very nice, the place is very clean and there are free classes. I have a question for all the complainers: If you rent an apartment, but never stay there, do you still need to pay the rent? Could you tell your landlord, " Well, I signed the contract, but I never stayed there, so I should not have to pay" People are saying that they should not be made to pay any fees that were clearly listed in the one page long contract they did not bother to read.

    You signed it! How do you think people should run a business?