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Once a customer visit your site through referral url, the program automatically detects and add a coupon on the cart if the allow referee to reward is checked in the settings. Once a referee successfully checks out, an email with a coupon code is sent to the referral. The plugin prioritize WooCommerce validation. For example, if a coupon is set to use only once by users, no matter how many coupons a referrer has earned, the WooCommerce will validate the coupon and restrict the referrer to use it.

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Description Codup WooCommerce referral system helps you in building a referral system for your store. Reward your customers with a coupon of your selection on a successful referral. Select the option to reward referee.

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Set an expiry to your referral link. A referral area to see your referral url. Customizable email on successful referral. Customizable options Codup WooCommerce Referral System gives you the freedom to customize your referral program.

Nowadays shoppers prefer to shop from those websites that elevate variations in the form of providing coupons. Not only on sign-up but, this plugin also provides coupons on referral purchase.

By offering variations in coupon marketing Myra maintained her audience Engagement, Trust, and loyalty! This plugin enables its audience to share the referral link on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Business Referral Coupons

Not only social networking sites but, Myra could also leverage email marketing to enhance brand reputation among her audience. With Coupon Referral Program Myra was not only restricted to coupons or coupon referrals! She could also leverage points to make her business grow and glow as Moon does.

But for leveraging this point feature, she needed to have WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin in her e-store. Through this point and reward functionality, she can permit her audience to earn points rather than coupons on sign-up and referral purchase. Coupon Referral Program helped Myra in creating an impactful and potent presence in her audience sight. By using Coupon Referral Program Myra was able to increase its customer acquisition and customer retention rate in minimum time.

Which ultimately benefited in improving her overall business revenue. Coupon referral program provides coupons to the referred users when they sign-up and the referrer when the referred user makes a purchase from the same online store. In this way, the Coupon Referral Program keeps both users gratified and happy.

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Online shoppers want coupons for their shopping. Coupon referral program is simply fulfilling this requirement of online shoppers and thus helping Myra in increasing and enhancing her revenue day by day! Myra was one of the entrepreneurs who are passionate about their work. Myra wants to grow and expand her business and for this, she decided to leverage coupon referrals. We simply helped her in building Coupon Referral Program that can elevate positive results for her business.

Customer Coupon Referral Cards

Coupon Referral Program is what Myra needed to make her business shine! The plugin includes all the functionality that any business may require to leave his competitors behind. If you are like Myra and want to enlarge your business boundaries then please think about Coupon Referral Program before coming to any conclusion!

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Referral Program simply stands on two words. That is Invite and Earn. Invite more to earn more!

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She addressed that she owns a small business with a countable number of employees. She wanted to grow and expand her business in minimum time as from the last two year she had been trying to increase her customer base but somehow she was crawling to do so. Related Posts.