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If so, how long did it take after the use of Ovation?

Dear Anonymous, Yes, hair grew back in the crown too. I think I started to notice the difference after 3 months and definitely after 6 months Sorry, I don't have before pictures because before I started using Ovation, I didn't know it was going to work and I didn't have a blog back then, so didn't feel the need to take before pictures. But I actually took a break from Ovation for couple months and noticed that I have few spots I need to fill and I'll be starting back up again.

So subscribe and I should have a before picture and I'll most likely blog the process and you could see the process.

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Also ask Ovation about their guarantee. I believe they refund you if you are not completely satisfied. Milo, I put a lot of color in my hair last year and it became really dry.

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I started using Ovations 3 wks ago and I noticed right away that it felt thicker and I do believe that I've seen less breakage as well. Amazing isn't it? I absolutely love it! So happy to hear it worked out for you!!! Hope it works well for you! Or there's always the days guarantee!

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Good Luck! I am an ovation cell therapy user as well and my hair has always been very fine and impossible to grow until i started using ovation. I have not cut my hair in 7 years and I no longer have split ends AND not only did it improve the quality of my hair it has also made it grow! Even through the damage for constantly dyeing my hair and styling.

I'm no longer "the hairless wonder" as my mother used to call me. I'm so happy to see another person see great results from it and I will always swear by it! Seriously, this product is so awesome! I've been off of Ovation for couple months, and my hair is still healthy and full, but it's not as good as it was when I was using it.

I'm starting it back up again! Can't get away from Ovation! I have had long hair most of my life.

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I been wearing it short for 6 months. But I recently decidedly want my long hair bk.

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  • I normally don't have any problema growing my hair out because it grows fast. Will this help enhance my growth.

    For me, it felt like it enhanced growth. But I didn't keep track, so scientifically, I can't say it enhanced it. Thank you for writing this! I wanted to find reviews and testimonies, yours did it for me lol :. I think it's definitely worth a shot! I dont want to be funny, but Im a woman of color, Im black ans native Frenchmen. I want to know if it will work for my coarse, thick, curly hair, I want my hair to grow, it was very long years ago but now its sgort and womt grow, so is or are any of you yhat used this product eoman of color and did it work?

    I've read on reviews that this works on every type of hair and every race, but don't quote me on that. You should try Youtube. I know I've seen reviews on Youtube from african americans. Good luck! Also definitely give Ovation a call too. Thank you for the review, I have been looking for a new product. I will try this.

    Hi Miloberry, I also want to thank you for your review and testimonial. I've also had long hair my entire life, funny how women consider our hair a part of our idenity. I've resorted to only washing my hair twice a week and wearing it in updo's and braiding it in an effort to hold it together. Seriously, my Husband and I have commented that I should be bald by now given how much hair fall out I have.

    I'm going to order it next week and I'll post you back on my findings within the next couple of months. Hello Anonymous! I know we got so nervous about hair falling out. But everyone's hair fall out too and it's natural! I pull out tons of hair everyday and I find my fallen out hair all over the place Cuz when they fall out they grow out again. NOW, if it's not growing back, that's a problem! Hope it works out well for you! Thanks so much for your blog. I noticed some pretty bad hair loss after leaving Cell Therapy in overnight.

    I read somewhere that it was ok to do that twice per week but I guess not LOL Thanks for the warning!! I am curious as the to the length of your hair when you started. It is very very beautiful and just the length I am hoping for and I am looking forward to being able to curl it like that! When I started my hair was a little past my shoulders. And when I took the picture above, it was when I had used Ovation for about a year.

    Ovation Cell Therapy Coupons & Promo Codes

    However, I have no idea how many times I cut it or how much I cut it when I did. But I do remember cutting it less because my hair was less damaged. That is amazing growth! You gave me the information I needed. I just wanted a starting point so thank you for that.

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    That is so awesome! I don't know what to tell you I can't tell you if Ovation is gonna work for you Hi MiloBerry! Thank you for your review! So, did you use the ovation shampoo everyday and then use the therapy and creme rinse only every couple of times a week? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! I wash my hair every 2 days. So I ended up using the therapy every two days so pretty much 3 times a week. There were times where I had to just take quick showers, in which case, I skipped the therapy cuz I didn't want to waste it. After the first couple of months, when I started to see the results, I used it probably once a week to maintain I just saw this!

    Just read your review I wonder if you kept in the therapy for too long. I only keep it on my head for minutes. I've left it on no longer than 4 hours I use Nutress Hair products and they are a much more affordable replacement for the same effects as ovation therapy.